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After months of scouring the streets of Soho for a harness shaped necklace to wear with her bikini in the summer of 2005, then Fashion Publicist, Michelle Pizzurro discovered New York boutiques were completely void of tasteful body jewelry. Determined to flaunt what she thought was the “coolest idea ever” she began learning the artful craft of metal sculpture. After selling a few body chains to a few like minded individuals,  her clients of models, friends and stylists unwittingly provided her the collection's moniker, “Never Take Off”, because they did just that. Today NTO Design features earrings, ear cuffs, anklets and rings. When not working as a full-time copywriter, Pizzurro enjoys traveling, swimming and studying french.

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Available in 5" x 5" x 3" bags (1.8 oz.) in quantities of 15 or more at $3.75 each. View serving size in the photos below.

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Lavender + Honey

A sweet and slightly salty snack topped with organic lavender, Ohio-harvested honey, organic California first-pressed olive oil and Himalayan pink salt.

curry + spice

Savory and scrumptious, this flavorful recipe features yellow curry, a dash of chili pepper, Himalayan pink salt and organic California first-pressed olive oil.